Workshop 2011 - July 26 - July 29

You must submit 5 assignments (1 in each of the following areas) in order to complete this class:

  • Computer Basics/Operating System
  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentation
  • Internet / E-mail / Ethics

Each assignment must include:
  • The standard/objective that will be covered
  • A lesson plan or description of the entire assignment
  • Handouts and materials necessary to complete the assignment

Please upload files and submit assignments on your page of this Wikispace.

Michael Barlow
Susan Baugh
Jennifer Bosh
Jody DeLand
Tori Fishburn
Laura Hansen
Lance Hislop
Yori Ludvigson
Helen Marble
Donald Merrill
William Morgan
Kim Murphy
Joleigh Porter
Steven Rossi
Lynn Rowe
Michael Virgin
Vaughn Webster